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Here at Bedrock Drilling, we pride ourselves on having one of the most extensive and versatile fleets of any business in the Illawarra region. All of our modern and reliable machinery, trucks and work vehicles are maintained to the highest safety and performance standards.

Read more about our trenching and excavation machinery, vacuum trucks and drills below, or simply give our office a call to arrange a free quote.
Directional Drill Excavator — Drilling, exacavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW

Directional Drills

In order to maximise machine and jobsite productivity, we are always looking at the latest technology in horizontal drilling.

The Vermeer D24x40 directional drill competes with much larger machines in terms of power-to-size ratio. This means we can access smaller, urban sites and still deliver same work speed, precision and performance. Features of the Vermeer model include:

  • 124.6 kN of thrust/pullback
  • 5694.4 Nm of rotational torque
  • Carriage speed of 73.1 m/min
  • DigiTrak® Aurora™ full-colour touchscreen display for underground location tracking
  • 104 dB(A) average sound level

Our fleet also includes a powerful Ditch Witch JT3020 specially designed for worksites with difficult terrain.
Vacuum Excavation trucks — Drilling, excavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW

Vacuum Excavation Trucks

A vacuum excavation tanker, often referred to as a hydro vac truck, is a self-contained unit capable of blasting water at approximately 4000 psi to break down soil into mud or slurry. The machine then utilises an industrial-strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and remove the soil completely. Thanks to the flexibility and length of the hose, vacuum excavation trucks can work on tight-access sites and are safe to use around underground powerlines and water mains.
Excavators — Drilling, excavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW


Along with our specialised non-destructive diggers, Bedrock Drilling operates a number of standard excavators, up to 4.5 tonne capacity, for site preparation, trenching and other civil earthworks construction projects. Our team also operates a number of Caterpillar brand mini excavators useful for precise excavations and smaller residential jobs.

Pipe Trailers

Much of our work at Bedrock Drilling involves excavation and drilling around pipework of all kinds. As such, we own a number of specialty trailers designed specifically for flexible underground pipes. Thanks to rollers on the trailer bed, our operators can quickly feed huge lengths of this material into newly drilled and bored holes.

Read more about our pipe laying work here.