Directional Drilling & Boring Contractor Wollongong


Start your next project the right way with the help of Bedrock Drilling. Our highly qualified contractors specialise in horizontal drilling and earthworks using the latest directional drill and vacuum excavation machinery.

For more than 24 years, our family owned and operated business has helped residential, commercial, industrial and government clients locate underground utilities, lay pipework, cables and much more using these non-destructive and efficient digging methods.

Bedrock Drilling also offers excavator hire for a variety of private and civil earthworks services, such as site preparation, retaining wall trenching, levelling and much more.

Contact our friendly and hardworking boring contractors today to get started with a free quote. We are based in the Illawarra area, but often travel all over the state for our clients. We're also available for emergency work by special request.
horizontal directional drilling — Drilling, exacavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Bedrock Drilling has the qualified personnel and modern plant to create holes at any length or bore diameter you require. Our techniques are environmentally friendly, time-efficient and cause almost no damage to the surface area.
Pipe laying — Drilling, exacavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW

Pipe Installing

Install underground pipelines and cables faster and with less collateral thanks to our advanced boring techniques. We can cover great lengths under buildings, rock, roads and anything else that would normally get in your way.
Vacuum Excavation — Drilling, exacavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW

Vacuum Excavation

Another of Bedrock Drilling's specialities is the location of services using our non-invasive vacuum excavation machinery. It's also highly effective at creating post-holes and trenches with minimal site disruption.
Manual Excavation — Drilling, exacavation and earthworks in Kiama, NSW

Manual Excavation

Equipped with a diverse fleet of excavators of varying sizes, our operators can take care of small domestic earthworks jobs as well as commercial and industrial site work.